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Why invest in Infensa Bioscience?

  • Infensa Bioscience assets represent potential transformative therapies for patients with significant unmet medical need in stroke, heart attack and heart transplantation
  • Minimal capital required to achieve patient and financial impact, with clear near-term inflection point (i.e., successful Phase I clinical trial for heart transplantation)
  • Heart transplantation provides a fast route to a revenue-generating market and allows time for strategic targeting of bigger markets with millions of patients
  • Series A funding will take company past first major value inflection point (successful Phase I trial for heart transplantation) and poised for clinical trials in the first major market (heart attack)
  • ESIC status provides major tax incentives for sophisticated investors

Placeholder for Gantt chart showing timelines for development

Advantages of investing in an ESIC

  • Infensa Bioscience will qualify as an Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC)
  • ESIC provides the following tax incentives for eligible sophisticated investors*:
    • A 20% tax offset (capped at $200K)
    • No CGT for capital gains on shares held for 1–10 years
    • Market value cost base from the 10th year onwards